Do you need to grow your business, find new opportunities, capitalize on company strengths,
or clarify your audience? If yes, then you may need to pivot.

We are a brand strategy and graphic design firm that solves tough brand challenges for clients 
around the world. We can solve yours, too.


Change is hard. We know it’s not always easy for a company to navigate change while still focusing on the rest of the business.
Our job is to help you with that.


What if you knew when you had a good idea and you felt better about your chances of success?

Sales Growth

Sales don’t happen if you don’t know what they want. Do you know why your loosing out on sales?

Brand Loyalty

Consistent execution will foster brand loyalty. Knowing how to be consistent is the secret sauce.

Team Alignment

Imagine a leadership team that agrees on how to increase revenue and how to cut costs.

Competitive Threats

How do you know if you’re different enough from the competition? What if they weren’t a threat anymore?


Success Stories

Our Clients

This is just a small sampling of our clients. Don’t worry. We work with small start-ups, too.

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At Pivot Lab, Matt heads up all projects and aligns the team to make sure messaging
is clear, design is creative, and results exceed expectations.

Matt Barnhart

Owner, Pivot Lab

I have over 25 years of experience combining brand strategy and graphic design. I have provided consultation
and execution for corporations in technology, food & beverage, medical, aerospace, outdoor goods and more. Some of
my clients have included Wells Fargo, Siemens, Microsoft, Buick, Chevrolet, Ocean Kayak, Baker’s Wholesome Baked
Goods and Aerotech Golf shafts. Through the years, I have been published in several books and design trade publications,and won numerous design awards.

If your brand is broken we should talk. I bet I can help.


We are here to answer your questions and solve your problems.